Panasonic FV-11VQ5 WhisperCeiling 110 CFM Ceiling Mounted FanA clean bathroom is one of the most essential features of a good household. Not only is it attractive to look at, but it reduces the chance of picking up germs and increases the desire to clean up and improve one’s hygiene. Of course, a bathroom is not only measured by its cleanliness, but also by the freshness of its scent and its convenient heat and steam reduction. A good bathroom also keeps away undesirable odors as well as excess steam, even while fixtures such as the toilet and the shower are in use.


That’s why bathroom exhaust fans have become a valuable part of the modern bathroom. However, because of the staggering amount of exhaust fans available in the market today, the wise homeowner would do well to keep a set of guidelines at hand:

  1. Does it do its intended purpose? – This, of course, is one of the most important aspects of bathroom exhaust fans, and should be at the top of every checklist, fan or otherwise. Check if the fan is strong enough to project a decent breeze during demonstrations. It’s important to check the cubic feet per minute requirements for your bathroom, and check the fans you’re considering to see if it can support your bathroom. An ideal exhaust fan should at have at least three times as much the CFM requirements of your bathroom. For instance, the Hunter 90053 Decorative Brushed Nickel Bathroom Fan clocks at a rate of 80 CFM, perfect for small-sized bathrooms or commercial restrooms.
  1. Does it run quietly? – Although some bathroom exhaust fans do take away odors through the fan, it may come at a heavy price. Some fans, especially those that have been in use for years, tend to loosen up parts, which in turn cause the vibrating sounds that you might hear when the fan is turned on. Smooth and near-silent operation is one of the most important aspects of an exhaust fan, as it shows that the product is highly convenient to use. An ideal fan should have enough sound for users to know if its on, but not enough to dominate the inside of the bathroom. The Panasonic FV-08VQ5 WhisperCeiling 80 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan offers this very advantage, thanks to its silent but powerful engines, which are fully lubricated to reduce friction and sound.
  1. Does it install easily? – Like air conditioners, bathroom exhaust fans take quite a lot of time to put up, but take little amounts to time to cost you dearly if you miss out on the proper requirements. Other fans take more several hours to install (and even more if you’ve invested in a high-powered variant), but if you look around a bit, many companies offer small but reasonably powerful exhaust fans that cut off loads of installation time. One prime example is the Air King BFQ 90 High Performance Bath Fan, which boasts of minutes-long installation, thanks to its snap-bracket system that requires only a few screws to snap the fan into place.

These three main questions can help you choose wisely from the different bathroom exhaust fans in the market. Functional, easy to install and smooth-running: these elements combine to make the bathroom exhaust fan that’s perfect for your home!